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Fence Financing

We Are Pleased To Offer Fence Financing Through Hearth.

Why wait to start your project later until you have every cent ready in cash?  Now you don't have to.  With Hearth it's a seamless and straightforward qualification process and it will NOT affect your credit score by exploring your options.

To qualify for the traditional 2-12 year loans you will need a 500 credit score or greater and a loan minimum of $1,000.

And if your credit score is 680 or higher you may quality for 0% for 18 months!

What if you want to pay off your loan faster than the loan term? No problem - you can do that too.  There are NO penalties for paying off the loan early.

Funds are made available within 1-3 business days after you've been approved and does NOT require home equity.

The fence financing calculator is based on a 5 year traditional loan.  Just put in your project total and credit score range and it will spit out a rough estimate.  However, it's best if you click on "Get Financing Options" to get firm offers that are tailored for your loan term length, amount financed, credit score, etc.  It takes 2 minutes.

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