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Discover our top-tier range of sturdy and elegant wrought iron fences we install in the Dallas, Texas area, ideal for adding both timeless charm and security to your property.

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Wrought Iron Fence Upgrades

Elevate your property's security and aesthetics by choosing from a wide range of personalized options, ensuring your wrought iron fence perfectly complements your unique needs and style preferences.

Puppy Panel

  • Secure Dogs: Adding puppy panel to your wrought iron fence is a sure way to keep your dog in the backyard. Whether your dog is remarkably small, or your dog is remarkably strong and can bend the pickets, puppy panel is your sure way of securing your pets.


  • Child Safety: If you have children or young visitors on your property, a MagnaLatch is an ideal choice. Its child-resistant design requires a certain level of dexterity and strength to operate, reducing the risk of young children wandering into potentially unsafe areas.

Rackable Panels

  • Adaptable to Slopes: Wrought iron rackable panels are designed to accommodate sloped or uneven terrain, allowing the fence to follow the contour of the land smoothly. This feature ensures a seamless and attractive installation on hilly or irregular landscapes.

Post Skirt

  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Post skirts provide a polished and finished appearance to your wrought iron fence, concealing the base of the posts and adding a touch of elegance to the overall design.
  • Protection from Rust: Post skirts act as a protective barrier, preventing moisture, dirt, and debris from accumulating around the base of the posts. This helps to reduce the risk of rust and prolongs the life of your wrought iron fence.

Lockey Lock Box

  • Keyless Access: The Lockey lock box eliminates the need for traditional keys, providing a keyless entry system for your wrought iron gate. This modern approach offers ease of use and convenience for authorized personnel.
  • Efficient Access Management: With a Lockey lock box, you can easily manage gate access for different individuals, such as employees, contractors, or delivery personnel, by providing them with temporary codes or access keys.
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