From Dated to Delightful: A Successful Fence Replacement in Colleyville

450' of 8', 7', and 6' board-on-board cedar fence installation in Colleyville

July 9, 2023

From Dated to Delightful: A Successful Fence Replacement in Colleyville


Karen C.



Linear Feet



Wood Fencing

Before we began the process of removing the old fence, Karen was kind enough to document its condition with some before videos. It was clear from the footage that the time had come to bid farewell to the aging fence. Decades of ground contact had taken their toll, with the bottom of the pickets and posts showing signs of rot and decay. Some panels had even toppled over, and the gate was completely nonfunctional, stuck on the ground. Karen mentioned that this fence had been in place since her home was built 40 years ago. It was definitely time for a fresh start with a brand new fence.

Karen reached out to our office in April to schedule a quote appointment, expressing her interest in our services. We promptly arranged for Todd, one of our representatives, to meet with Karen and discuss the project's specifics while presenting the available options to her. Over the course of a couple months, we patiently addressed Karen's inquiries and facilitated communication with her neighbors. Finally, after reaching an agreement, we successfully scheduled an installation date for the project!

Game Plan

After dedicating four days to the project, we successfully completed the job. We are delighted to share the final photos showcasing the finished results:

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